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      电  话:86-0769-88789588
      传  真:86-0769-88788399
      联系人:刘波 先生  
      手  机:13380195886
      邮 编:523039
      网 址:


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      Rubadue Wire offers an industry-leading range of high-quality, high temperature electronic wire.  In addition to the wires you will find on our website, we manufacture custom insulated products to meet your requirements, always striving to exceed customer expectations.  Use this product search and website to make your project a success, from research/development to production, with responsive service and excellent technical support.  All of our products are subjected so 100% quality testing helping ensure you receive the highest quality insulated wire on the market.  Our primary insulation materials include ETFE, FEP, PFA, Tefzel, and TCA.  We also insulate Litz.


      Triple Insulated Wire

      Triple Insulated Wire

      Rubadue Wire was the first company to design and manufacture triple insulated wires.  Triple insulated wires can be used to meet several design requirements and here are a few, but not all:

      • Wind directly on top of magnet wire
      • Use as primary and secondary winding
      • High Voltage
      • Reduce space, volume, weight

      Double Insulated Wire

      Double Insulated Wire

      Rubadue Wire manufactures several double insulated wires to be used in supplementary isolation applications.  Here are some of the design requirements that double insulated wire from Rubadue Wire can meet:

      • High Voltage
      • Meet creepage and clearance requirements
      • Increased safety
      • High speed winding capable

      Single Insulated Wire

      Single Insulated Wire

      Rubadue Wire manufactures several single insulated wires to be used in basic isolation applications.  Below are some of the design requirements met by Rubadue Wire's single insulated wire:

      • Hook-up or lead wires
      • High Voltage
      • Leakage or loss reduction
      • High speed winding capable


      Litz Wires

      Rubadue Wire insulates a wide range of litz wires.  If you have not heard of litz wire, don't worry here is what litz wire can do for your wire solutions.  Litz wire is made of several strands of enamelled magnet wire that are bunched or stranded together.  It is used where losses caused by the skin-and proximity effect on a single wire are too high due to the operating frequency.  At the same time the operating temperature is reduced by its use.  Litz wire has much greater mechanical flexibility than a single wire with the same cross-section.

      Some Applications:

      • Solar
      • Inductive heating elements
      • Power supply units
      • Renewable energy
      • Automotive

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