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      电  话:86-0769-88789588
      传  真:86-0769-88788399
      联系人:刘波 先生  
      手  机:13380195886
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      Triple Insulation Wire

      YOUNG CHANG SILICONE′s STW-B wire is designed to fulfill the requirement of Class B thermal index. STW-B is the insulated winding wire having reinforced insulation complying with subclause Annex U of IEC 60950 and subclause, Annex U of IEC. STW-B makes a merit of needing no interlayer insulation material such as insulation tape or barrier tape, thereby downsizing transformers a great deal, bringing about high efficiency and cost cutback. Easier to design environmentally friendly transformers which can be easily disassembled and recycled. It is anticipated that Young Chang Silicone′s STW-B will play a role in a widening range of fields.
      Ranges of Usage

      - Insulation : Reinforced Insulation

      - Rated Temperature : 105 ~ 130℃

      - Rated Volt : 1,000Vrms(Maximum) 's

      - Conductor : 0.20mm ~ 1.0mm(32~18 AWG)

      - Solderability : Solderable without stripping'

      triple insulation wire

      1. Downsizing switching transformers without the use of interlayer insulation materials.

      2. Excellent electric insulation properties.

         - UL authorized ″Reinforced Insulation″

         - Electrical strength test : ① Conductor-metal foil test up to 3,000 AC volt for a minute

                                              ② Twist test up to 6,000 AC volt for a minute

      3. Reliability for high frequency-voltage stress conditions

         - Suitable for high frequency-voltage from 20 KHz to 500 kHz

         - Low dielectric constant and unique electric properties

         - High abrasion resistance coupled with mechanical strength

      4. High efficiency and cost savings.

         - Simplified production method without interlayer insulation tape or barrier tape.

         - Solderable without stripping any surface layer.

      Overseas Certification of STW-B

      - UL : File No. E242198

      - CSA : LR98920

      - BSI : BS KM 85875

      - TUV : B040553008001

      - NEMKO : P04202638

      - VDE : 40013359


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