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      Rubadue Wire2018年度拜访维鑫电子

      作者:小维 来源:本站原创 发布时间:2018年11月20日 点击数:
      2018年4月17,美国RUBADUE WIRE CO.,INC.战略客户经理Scott Mundfrom 一行到东莞市维鑫电子有限公司进行2018年度的首次拜访。 Rubadue Wire从去年伊始订单猛增,导致其产能紧张,其生产的绝缘线线材供不应求,导致很多客户交期延迟。为缓解这一局面,Rubadue Wire在去年下半年set up新的生产线,增加其产能。目前交货状况比去年大大的改善了,交期也较之前缩短了很多。 Rubadue Wire战略经理Scott向维鑫电子介绍将于今年三季度搬迁至新的工厂,届时工作环境,产能将会得到进一步的改善。并对其搬厂期间的产能规划做了详细的讲解。 Rubadue Wire Announces Relocation / Expansion Greeley, CO – March 20th, 2018 – Rubadue Wire, a leading manufacturer of high performance triple in-sulated wire and litz wire in a wide range of industries, has announced it will move its manufacturing and office location to a larger facility in Loveland, CO. The move is expected to be completed in mid-Q3. According to Rubadue Wire Vice President, Sean Toland, the move will facilitate the necessity to grow rapidly and further invest in significant capital. “Recent shifts in our markets have increased demand for high temperature reinforced wire and high frequency litz wire,” said Toland. “Our new facility is 68% larger which allows us to address capacity constraints and is ideally located for recruiting top tal-ent. The ability to attract exceptional employees as well as maximize efficiency in our new layout will provide an improved work environment for our current and future team members. This is a further ex-ample of the commitment to our customers and team members.” The 47,452 square foot facility includes multiple dock height doors as well as 24’ clear height in the manufacturing areas. Its proximity to I-25 and US -34 as well as nearby restaurants, schools and event centers make this an outstanding location for all involved. Rubadue Wire’s new address is 5610 Boeing Dr., Loveland, CO 80538. The company’s main phone number 970-351-6100 and email addresses will stay the same. Rubadue Wire Co., Inc.位于美国科罗拉多州,是一家专业生产高品质电子线的而著名工厂。该公司为第一家设计和生产三层绝缘线的厂家。所生产的产品符合IEC60950, IEC60601, IEC61558, IEC61010 和 IEC62368 的要求。产品广泛的应用于高档消费电子产品和医疗、汽车产品上。该公司近两年在中国区域内业务发展迅猛,尤其是在新能源,医疗电子和汽车电子方面发展尤为突出。 VISION ELECTRONICS作为其在中国区域内的代理商,近两年在市场推广方面和业绩均取得了喜人的成绩,RUBADUE WIRE对于VISION ELECTRONICS在中国区域的发展与成长给与高度的重视与支持。双方就其关心的产品品质,尤其是近期因业务成长所带来的交期问题进行了充分交流与探讨。RUBADUE WIRE就其发展的方向及其产能的改善给与其后续的改善方向。并指导VISION ELECTRONICS在市场的拓展以及和合作上给与他们的建议和意见。并期望后续加强更广泛合作与交流。 最后双方还约定下半年会面的时间。
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