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      电  话:86-0769-88789588
      传  真:86-0769-88788399
      联系人:刘波 先生  
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      Pedigree? 961

        咨询  收藏  推荐
      The Pedigree 961 is a solvent
      containing general purpose varnish. It
      has an outstanding field history in a
      variety of applications.
      - Impregnation of stators, motors and
      Cured Properties
      The Pedigree 961 has good electrical
      and mechanical properties.
      None Required.
      Recommended Cure
      After unit reaches temperature,
      1 hour at 150°C (300°F) or 4 hours at
      135°C (275 °F)
      Features and Benefits
      - Can be thinned with low cost solvents
      - Good stability
      Application Methods
      - Dip and Bake
      Transportation/Storage/Shelf Life
      This resin should be stored at 25°C
      (77°F) in a dry controlled environment
      out of direct sunlight. This material
      should be suitable for use stored under
      these conditions in the original sealed
      containers for twelve (12) months from
      the date of shipment. Failure to store
      this product as recommended above
      may lead to deterioration in product
      performance and invalidate shelf life.
      Agitate before use.
      Properties of Material Supplied
      Test Value Units
      Viscosity @ 25°C (77°F)
      (ASTM D2196) 150 – 250 cP
      Percent non-volatile matter
      (ASTM D115) 47 – 50 %
      Flash Point (ASTM D93), typical 18 (64) °C (°F)
      Mass Lid Gel @ 150°C (300°F) < 60 minutes
      A member of
      Pedigree? 961 Insulating Varnish October, 9 2009 Rev. 3
      Mechanical Properties – Double Dipped, Cured 2 hours at 150°C (300°F)
      Test Value Units
      Helical Coil Bond Strength @ 25°C
      (77°F) (ASTM D2519) MW35 36 Pounds
      Helical Coil Bond Strength @
      150°C (300°F) (ASTM D2519)
      2 Pounds
      Electrical Properties
      Test Value Units
      Dielectric Strength – AS MADE
      (ASTM D149) 3900 Volts/mil
      Dielectric Strength after 24 hours in
      water (ASTM D149) 2700 Volts/mil
      Film thickness 2.1 mils
      UL Recognized Insulation Systems (E87039)
      Class Systems
      Class 130 PDG 1, 2, 4A, 4B, 6, 12, 100, 106, 110, 111
      Class 155 PDG 3, 9, 108
      Class 180 PDG 14, H, H-1, 109, 180 High Voltage
      Class 200 PDG 7, 10
      Class 220 PDG 15
      Class 240 PDG 16
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